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“I always said running is the ultimate faith healer, restoring belief not only in oneself but life’s possibilities. Colleen brought that message to life and had me thinking of my own possibilities. Colleen’s message isn’t about how far we can run but how much we can endure just to be part of the running community.”

~Bart Yasso, CRO Runners World 

“Colleen Kelly Alexander is a living embodiment of resiliency, grace, and gratitude--even in the face of some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Read this remarkable memoir. It will lift up your heart with thankfulness and inspiration, just as Colleen has inspired countless everyday heroes who strive to make this world a better place.” 


~Gail McGovern, President and CEO, American Red Cross

Colleen Kelly Alexander was the perfect keynote speaker for our event.  Her presentation was inspirational, motivational, funny and poignant!  She also connected with our participants on a personal level, making them feel special and strong in their own right. We loved having her!

~Linda Maxwell, Race Director, Bellin Run

“I’ve had the honor of working with Colleen as part of PeaceJam and she is as powerful, inspirational and dedicated to making a better world as the Nobel Peace Laureates we are privileged to collaborate with. Colleen is the embodiment of, ‘one person can make a difference’. She truly leads by example, helping us all realize that we are here on Earth to make the world a better place. She’s a beacon of positive change, hope and light that ignites us all to do our part, regardless of our circumstances.”


~Kate Cumbo, Ph.D., Director of Programs, PeaceJam Foundation

“I have never seen an individual share a story and connect on such a personal level. Colleen’s uncanny ability to connect with an audience has lead to her speaking to our groups on many occasions. Watching her speak has become a joy I try never to miss. Her willingness to share of herself and allow each listener to become part of her journey is an inspiration to those who hear her story. Professionally, I can testify to the results of her motivational speaking and its impact on a targeted audience. Personally, as one who has heard her say “believe” and “live”, I can tell you that since the day I met Colleen, her motivation and encouragement have inspired me to become a better marathoner, a triathlete, and a healthier, happier individual.”

~ Christopher L. Donovan, District Manager (Donor Recruitment & Outreach) for The American Red Cross

Colleen connects instantly and sincerely with her audience. She takes complex medical information and conveys it simply and understandably. She gives a face and a voice to all who struggle to recover after an acute or chronic incident. Her message of perseverance, hope and gratitude resonate with everyone she encounters. She doesn’t say recovery is easy, but she also doesn’t let her physical limitations limit her goals and her dreams. She makes you think about what is possible and how often times the only obstacles in life are the ones we place there ourselves. I highly recommend Colleen to speak to any audience at any venue. No matter the age, ability, or disability, the audience will be moved by her story and fall in love with her spirit.”

~ Tara A. Knapp, Vice President, Development and Public Relations for Gaylord Specialty Healthcare

“Colleen is a personal inspiration of mine. A fantastic athlete, she was run over by a freight truck while riding her bike. Colleen died. Twice. And then she lived. Her guts, grit and determination alone are enough to embolden anyone who hears her speak. But it is Colleen’s great humanity and humility in the face of her challenges that should inspire us all. “

~ Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Laureate

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