November 12, 2017



Let us talk about Mental Illness.


Mental Illness is a huge problem in this county. Mental Illness is a huge problem in the world. The majority of our human family struggles with some form of mental illness.
My DSM coded diagnosis are: 1. Chronic Depression. 2. PTSD 3. Chronic Anxiety Disorder 4. ADHD 5. Panic Disorder


What does this mean besides Ive been psychologically evaluated and given some labels to bill insurance properly?


When we understand the depth of our mental illness we can begin understanding how to deal with it. We can help those who love us understand us better when we are in a troubled state. We can learn to be gentle to ourselves. I know much of my mental illness has been exacerbated by the trauma of 2011. I am also aware that I am genetically predisposed towards depression and anxiety. It runs deep within our family. As I continue to understand these disorders I can continue to be as gentle as possible reminding myself and others that YOU (I) are not this disorder. WE are not weak, broken, sick, etc. At times, I believe having a mental illness gives a different perspective with life.


I am so very thankful that I know my triggers. If you struggle with a mental illness, learn and understand what your triggers are and how to be aware and either avoid if needed or learn how to handle them with some level of grace and acceptance. Mental Illness becomes best friends with chronic pain/TBI. The two (or more) dance together often.

Teasing the two apart often feels more exhausting then letting them tango. When does one know when to say “ENOUGH”, and rise up and ask for help? Asking for help is incredibly hard because when someone is “IN IT” clarity of mind can become muddled. Learning not to blame actions and reactions to self and others due to mental illness/chronic pain, etc. is a powerful tool and imperative tool to life a fruitful life. Do you believe it is NOT YOUR FAULT that you suffer from a mental illness? Do you? I do. I know these are part of the cards Ive

been dealt, however I did not choose them. They chose me. I chose a good therapist 😉 May I remind you, MEN can be in therapy also. Your no less a MAN if you go to therapy, your simply a MAN that is strong enough to own what your going through and seek help. That is called being a STRONG MAN! (My husband taught me this).


I share my story, because I am one of millions with a mental illness. I share because without my education, resiliency factors, and strong love of my creator, I might go to a dark place and be a very different person.


Our world is hurting. Violence is spreading more rapidly. We do have a massive issues with gun control, however more so I think we need to break down the barriers of mental illness. Break down the stigma.




When many meet me and learn I have depression they are shocked, why?

1. I Am pretty/confident/talkative
2. I have a wonderful marriage
3. My work is as a motivational speaker
4. I smile and hug a LOT


Every day, we meet people that we would never know what pains they face within their hearts and cells. I encourage you to be love. Be love to yourself. Be love to others.
Be ok not being ok sometimes. Be a freaking mess. Let yourself be vulnerable so you can be open to receiving and in turn you can help others. LOVE IS ALWAYS going to be louder than any mental illness that might cause someone to hurt others!


 It is MY responsibility, OUR responsibility to dismantle the stigma and BE LOVE.

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