August 26, 2017



Every morning I have the honor of waking, I give thanks to God that I awoke. I then give thanks for the gifts in my life and incredible moments. After giving gratitude I begin with my “asks”, asking God to help me have grace and strength throughout the day, and go forth being love regardless of what may happen in the next twenty-four hours.  I ask that our president have love in his soul, and integrity to make the right choices. I ask God to do his will even if I may be terrified of what his will may bring throughout the next day. I ask that I can be a hummingbird.  I pray that even though I am one person upon this earth of millions, I can carry a light, or a drop of water to bring peace and be a part of the collective human family working to make a difference in this world.


I also pray for safety, realizing fully that just because I pray for something, doesn’t mean it will happen. I also realize that everything does NOT happen for a REASON, sometimes I believe things simply happen, and we must choose how to react and seek strength.

Some days events roll out so beautifully they simply need to be written about and yesterday was one of those days.


We awoke around six am, with our PLAN already in place. However, the Universal plan was already set in motion.  Sean was going to get on his bike and do a training ride of the lower loop for the World Championship ITU race.   My plan was to stay at our rental and work, then take a run.  OUR plan was to meet up a few hours later and have a late breakfast.  This is not what happened.  Sean left on his beautiful new triathlon bike from BLUE and three miles in had the first major flat he has experienced in years. He went through 2 co2 cartridges and each malfunctioned, complete with an incredible puncture that went straight through his tire, he called me and asked for a pick up.   We headed to the bike shop in town, and his new mission was to get a new Co2 dispenser along with another set of tires that would be more durable. We talked about how awesome it was this happened on his training ride and not the actual race.


  I waited in the car while he ran in, and kept the car running. We have been told since we arrived in Canada NOT to leave anything ever unattended.  This county has exceptionally polite humans, however we are told that many “opportunistic” thieves are abundant (isn’t this the case everywhere?) As I waited in the car with the engine running, a man approached me carrying a map motioning for me to roll down my window.  I immediately went into “what if” mode as he approached the car literally half a minute after Sean entered the store.  He wanted to know where he could go for breakfast and if I was a local.  I wondered if this was a tactic used to identify if I was a vulnerable tourist.  I exhaled aware of my own fear and how I had begun judging this fellow human as a potential thief. He then stated he would walk around to the passenger side of the car and my palms became sweaty, and I pressed the lock button to secure the doors and opened the passenger window only half way. Keeping an eye on the store, I told him about a delicious place we found the day prior for breakfast.   He said thank you and walked away. I sat there feeling terribly frustrated with myself that I went into such a fear mode.  When Sean got back into the car I told him about the man approaching the car and how innocent the dialogue was and yet my internal reaction was so full of judgement and fear.  I felt frustrated that I was not more open, also realizing our world is so full of danger. We must always be guarded, and yet still open.   We went to the same restaurant we told this “stranger” to go to in hopes we might see him and could know who he is as a fellow human family member and not a “potential threat”.   After ordering my breakfast I spotted him and his friend sitting inside and approached them. They beamed with loving kindness, and ironically, we learned we ordered the exact same thing which including the same “extras”.   We exchanged names and a little small talk, shaking hands and I went outside to join my husband in the outdoor seating.


 After we finished breakfast, we went to speak with them.   As the conversation unfolded we learned our new friends were from Australia, one man was a Catholic priest and the other a school teacher.  They had both been on a multi week vacation throughout North America to connect with nature, local culture, and form friendships.  My new friend Stephen shared that he recently had a heart transplant within the last few years and had overwhelming joy for this life.  He had also been a competitive cyclist and was starting to ride again! I shared about my trauma, and the massive amounts of blood I had been given, and numerous resuscitations.  We both teared up a bit.  I asked if I could hug them, and we acknowledged how immensely powerful the human family is, this man received another man’s heart.  He never knew this man who died and became his hero, however his body simply accepted this heart and beat a new chord of music intertwined with his own. The man who passed on will forever live within him, just like the life blood of so many that donated will forever live within me. We both shared how without trust in our fellow human and the process of life, we would not exist.  As the conversation followed, I shared my fear earlier in the morning when Michael approached the car asking for directions and how frustrated I Was at myself for having such judgement.


We all hugged again and Sean stated what we all felt to be so true “Apparently, THIS is what was meant to happen today, and when the course of action began, we just went through the motions to be exactly where we are at this moment”.    As we took a photo together we also enjoyed that Sean was wearing a jersey created by a company in Australia. How beautiful is this life?  #humanfamily Cheers from Canada.


May we never become so fearful of one another that we lose sight of love.

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