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COLLEEN KELLY ALEXANDER  is a lifelong athlete and motivational speaker who inspires positive change, contribution, determination and actionable gratitude. With her indomitable spirit and incredible story of survival, Colleen teaches others how to aim higher, be stronger and use adversity as a catalyst to make the world a better, brighter place.

After undergoing brain surgery in 2007 for a chiari malformation, Colleen overcame a lupus and cryoglobulinemia diagnosis in 2009, pushing forward to become a successful, competitive triathlete. In 2011, while on a routine bike ride, she was run over by a freight truck. Crushed, ripped apart and bleeding out, she flatlined twice, spent five weeks in a coma and has since endured over twenty surgeries. Defying diagnoses, dire predictions and death, Colleen stunned doctors by bucking the odds and coming back to run more than 50 races and complete 15 triathlons, including 4 half Ironman events since her trauma

Featured in numerous national newscasts, programs and media including: Fox News Connecticut, The Dr. Oz Show, WFSB Eyewitness News 3, Yale School of Medicine, Runners World, and the New York Road Runner, Colleen’s formidable achievements serve to underscore her belief that there is a hero in everyone who deserves to be honored. That regardless of situation, adversity or obstacle, the power to triumph is universal – even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Colleen connects deeply with others and ignites action through her philosophy of personal empowerment and spiritual generosity. After building a youth center in Vermont, she went on to work for international non-profit, PeaceJam. There, alongside world-renowned Nobel Peace Laureates – including Betty Williams, Jody Williams and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu – she equipped others to find their passions and collaborate to create tangible change within themselves and their world. With that same message and contagious energy, Colleen cycled over 600 miles through six states to speak at colleges and within local communities. She campaigns for bicycle safety and is an official Red Cross spokesperson. She is a doer, mentor, motivator and staunch advocate for those reaching to achieve their highest goals.

Colleen is uniquely qualified to speak to the miraculous power of body, mind, spirit and the phenomenal potential every human being has to make a positive impact. She approaches each moment – each breath – as a beautiful opportunity to experience the divine. She teaches others how to embrace that perspective so they too may persevere. Break down barriers. Open themselves up. Connect. Give back. THRIVE.

Currently, Colleen lives in Connecticut with her husband, two labs, Jamis and Coda, and cat, Luna. While she gears up for her next surgery – and her next race – she can be found enjoying the open air, the open road and the bicycle chain grease kisses on her legs from the last magnificent ride.

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